Thursday, May 6, 2010

PR Initiatives to Reach Urban Latino Youth

The Hispanic population is growing faster than ever and expanding into many consumer markets. In fact, it is currently the fastest-growing culture in the United States. With this trend, urban Latino youth have extreme buying power and influence over numerous markets. For ultimate growth and expansion, it is vital for companies and business owners to initiate Hispanic pr strategies to reach this dynamic and leading group of consumers. However, the planning for such campaigns must be strategically done. Hispanic pr should be carefully designed to optimize communication with urban Latino youth to demonstrate an organizational mindset that is culturally educated and involved.

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The best way to effectively use Hispanic PR to target urban Latino youth is to use social media strategies and to reach out to urban Spanish television, radio, and magazines. In doing this, you will make the company brand cross-cultural and relevant to the wants, needs, and interests of the urban Latino market.

How to Use Hispanic PR & Social Media

Some tips on how to use Hispanic PR & Social media to target urban Latino youth are:

•Send press releases and media advisories written in Spanish to urban Hispanic media outlets, such as television, radio, and magazines.
Translate sales, marketing, and media materials from English to Spanish.
•Include pictures of urban Latino youths in advertising campaigns and promotional materials.
•Develop social media profiles in Spanish and update with regular posts on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.
•Volunteer, donate, and participate in urban Hispanic community organizations and events.

When implementing Hispanic pr and social media initiatives, it is imperative to have clear goals and objectives. It is also important to gain insight and understanding into urban Hispanic cultural motivations. In taking this time for necessary research, organizations will be able to create a more defined message that is relevant and appealing to its targeted audience. Determining the success of pr and social media efforts is extremely important to know what techniques work and what systems do not. To measure the ROI several methods should be used.

Best Ways to Measure ROI

Some of the best ways to measure ROI for Hispanic PR and social media campaigns targeting urban Latino youth are:

•Outline clear and concrete goals for pr and social media initiatives to determine if objectives were met.
•Develop surveys for urban Latino youth to evaluate consumer satisfaction, public perception, and brand awareness.
•Monitor outlets for number of placements in urban Hispanic media.
•Evaluate the quality of urban Hispanic media placements to determine whether coverage is positive or negative.

Many companies are realizing the importance of initiating Hispanic pr initiatives targeted towards urban Latino youth and leveraging social media. For example, AT&T launched Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube channels in Spanish to connect with the Hispanic market. Ford Motor Company “tweets” in Spanish on its Twitter page and there are several other companies jumping on the bandwagon and awakening to the power of the urban Latino consumer.

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