Saturday, June 27, 2009

Marketing to Generation Y In Latin America

We are living in an increasingly global economy. Small business owners can no longer look at marketing their products exclusively to a local community. Immediate profits can be reaped by taking advantage of mobile marketing and online promotion to the Hispanic online market. As emerging markets gain greater access to online communication technology, marketing professionals are investing more effort into reaching generation Y (20 to 28s) in Latin America.

Online marketing to generation Y in Latin America represents a huge untapped opportunity. With low-cost options at just a click of a button, consumers can be empowered to learn about your product, and, with the use of social networking technology, they can even assist you with grassroots promotion of their own. Consumers love to use their social networking accounts to endorse products and deals that they have found online. Often the mobile marketing strategy you employ can even include tools that make the free, grassroots spread of information easier. Marketing professionals are creating more and better ideas for empowering small business owners with fast, attractive ways to spread their product information online each day.

Consumers in generation Y in Latin America are interested in a wide array of products. Whether its buying the best new technology, finding great deals on bulk food items, or purchasing an insurance plan, tech savvy young people are purchasing all kinds of products online from small business owners. The price competition benefits them, while the increase in volume benefits you.

Mobile marketing is one of the most viable channels for quick and powerful spread of consumer choice information. Marketing professionals love how easy and instant the transactions are. It is very easy for a consumer to quickly make a purchase based on information they received through trusted social networking channels on their cell phones. They are also empowered to instantly tell their friends about this great bargain, who can also purchase it quickly in the same way. This is vastly different than the old system of using only complex media that requires traveling across town, or, in some cases, the world, to complete the point of sale.

Generation Y in Latin America has growing purchasing power. Emerging markets have greater access to technology as time passes. As these consumers age, they also gain access to more and more wealth. In this way, an early and active promotion to these consumers is a great long term plan. The earlier you gain access to a critical market, the more consumers will trust you as a quality name. As time passes, these particular markets and consumers will yield more and more business.

Marketing professionals are taking the Hispanic online market very seriously. Small business owners will benefit greatly from targeting generation Y in Latin America. Be sure to stay on the cutting edge of mobile marketing.

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